Sara Sparks BFA 

Professional Artist with over forty years experience

Nothing is constant but Change


Large or small, our pets are family. A portrait  is wonderful way to cherish  the memory of a beloved animal companion.

 I look for those special qualities that capture their unique personality. 

I paint with oils on canvas 

and  my work is skilled, accurate and meticulous.

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to have a portrait of your pet, 

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What People Say About My Work

"You know that feeling you get when you've got the perfect gift for someone and you just can't wait to give it to them? This was one of those Christmas'. We had portraits done of our fur grand babies by the very talented artist Sara Sparks. She captured them so beautifully, you have to look closely to tell which is the photo and which is the painting. Our kids and their spouses absolutely loved them! There were tears! Thank you Sara, you are amazingly talented."

Claudette Norman - St. George NB

"Ohhh my. You did a fabulous job. it literally bought 

me to tears, and for Peter, who emotes much quicker and more profusely, 

it will be overwhelming. Thank-you. 

I am almost sure, once Peter has seen Lily he will want to have our 

other two done."​

Tim McShane Fredericton NB

"Sara Sparks' ability to capture animals on canvas is uncanny. Whether she is depicting horses, cats, dogs, crows or any number of other critters, her love of animals comes through with every brush stroke."

Deirdre Macallan Nyack NY